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My name is Chiara Tenani, I am a fully qualified soft tissue therapist (Lev. 5)  member of the ISRM Institute and student at the college of osteopaths.

I have started my journey in my original country: Italy, where I studied to be a massage therapist. In 2013  I moved into London where I qualified with the London school of sport and remedial massage (LLSM), from then I have been working in different clinics in collaboration with osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors. During these years of practice I have been working with many runners training for marathons and professional sports athletes, also a large number of women during and after the pregnancy. After experiencing the benefits of acupuncture, I decided to learn the technique myself and I am now qualified in OMT  (Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment) for medical acupuncture.
Sports & Remedial massage diploma (LSSM), Lymphatic drainage, Taping and straping, Medical acupunctuer (OMT), First aid.



Cancellation policy :
Full appointment fee will be charged for missed appointments or non-attendance unless 24 (working) hours notice is given.
Sport and remedial massage
Sport and remedial massage

Helps people with musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction caused by any of life’s stresses, reduce the risk of injury and speed up recovery.

    Kinesio Taping
    Kinesio Taping

    Can help to alleviate pain and encourages the facilitation of lymphatic drainage decreasing the inflammatory process in the affected area.

      Available soon = Medical Acupuncture
      Available soon = Medical Acupuncture

      Medical acupuncture is a therapeutic technique that involves inserting fine needles into certain points across the body, to encourage healing and pain relief.


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